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Guatemala Set of 2in Worry Dolls
Guatemala Set of 2in Worry Dolls

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This set of 2 beautiful handcrafted worry dolls in vivid colors from Guatemala makes a great adoption gift. Each worry doll measures approximately 2in (5cm). We have a wide variety of colors available. If you have a preference, please include a note with check-out. We do not guarantee we can send you your preferred color, and if not available, will send you a different color than requested.

The Legend of the Worry Dolls

Worry dolls are tiny, handcrafted dolls from Guatemala. The dolls are clothed in traditional Mayan costumes and typically stand 1/2in to 1in tall. The indigenous people from the Highlands in Guatemala created Worry Dolls many generations ago as a remedy for worrying. According to the Mayan legend, when worrying keeps a person awake, he or she tells a worry to as many dolls as necessary. Then the worrier places the dolls under his or her pillow. The dolls take over the worrying for the person who then sleeps peacefully through the night. When morning breaks, the person awakens without the worries that the dolls took away during the night.

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