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Tuxy The Forgotten Kitten (by Jaime Henle) -SIGNED!
Tuxy The Forgotten Kitten: A Story about Neglect (by Jaime Henle)

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This children's book is about parental neglect and the emotional reaction that follows. Often when children are neglected, they blame themselves, feeling that it is their fault. This book gives the message that it is never a child's fault that their parents are making unsafe decisions. There is a strong need for more education for children about the emotional responses of being neglected. Many children blame themselves and feel that they were not treated well because there is something wrong with them. This book gives many important messages including that every child deserves to be taken care of and loved, and it is never a child's fault. It also educates the child about normal emotional responses such as anger, sadness, and guilt. This book helps the child to understand the role neglect plays in their lives. It helps children see what happened to them was unfortunate, and that any neglected child would have upsetting feelings.

About the Author:
Jaime Henle is a licensed psychologist who works in a private practice and at a community mental health center in Georgia. She treats children and adolescents with trauma history (including neglect and physical and sexual abuse). She loves working with children and helping them work through the traumatic events they have experienced in their lives. This is the first book she has written and illustrated.

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